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SS 2020

Gold Dust Women

A collection drawing inspiration from 1970’s “folk/ countryside” fashion, brought into a modern context through echoing my own personal style. Emulating the conscious spirit of 1970’s counter culture this collection is entirely sustainable. A second hand wool blanket, a shower curtain, sustainably sourced linen, and unused fabric scraps make up the entirety of the fabric sourced for these looks. Through use of natural dyes, quilting, patchwork, and hand embroidery each material has been transformed by hand in order to give the pieces captivating textile development, and echo the essences of the 1970’s “flower child”.  I utilized traditional Shibori techniques, ice dying, and my own experimental dye work to create various dye samples. The 1970’s the mindset influenced this collection conceptually as well as aesthetically. These pieces follow the strong revolutionary mind that mixes with the free spirt that was present in 1970’s counter culture. The counterculture had interest in increased human potential, something we need to tap into as we think about fostering a care for the planet in a modern time. As we began to rethink how we treat the ground that nurtures us, the clothing we wear is an essential place to begin.


Gold Dust Women Swatch Book
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Customer Statement 

Look 1 
Layered summer dress with long tie straps. Hand ice dyed linen and remaining fabric scraps used to create patchwork inspired design. Tailored peasant jacket made from second hand wool blanket, embellished with with covered buttons, silk lining, and floral lace up ribbon.

Look  2
Summer dress made from second hand shower curtain. Dress hand died with madder root and turmeric powder and embellished with hand embroidery.


Look 3
Single strap wrap dress. Hand dyed in madder root and indigo baths using Shibori dying techniques.

Look 4
Linen cinch trousers, that can be worn open or tied. Hand bleached denim corset with lace up back and frayed edges.