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FW 2020

Dame De Douceur

A two piece collaboration with furniture designer Deirdre Klemek. Drawing from our two separate disciplines we were inspired by the contrast of hard materials with soft ones. We began by thinking about a delicate and natural, yet strong and grounded woman as inspiration. For the garment I developed a dress with a copper bodice and neck piece, and torched the metal to give it an iridescent shine. The fabric for these pieces was sustainably died with turmeric, onion skins, and madder root. The fabric weaves through metal holes in the treated copper softening the bodice, yet accenting the strength and structure of the garment. Adjacent to this piece Klemek created a metal lounge chair. The seat reclines in a soft manner as the metal pieces move organically up towards the sky and down towards the ground. Together when the lounge chair and dress interact the pieces overflow into each other. The woman's skirt meshing with the cushion, and the metals holding her strong, as she resides powerfully rooted in the comfort of nature.


Metal Samples and Manipulations


  Fabric Samples and Manipulations